Don’t Risk a Visa Refusal or
a 3 Year Ban on Reapplying
Let the Migration Experts Take Care of Your SkillSelect Application
If We Can’t Get You A Visa,
No One Can
Be Protected by Our No Visa, No Fee Guarantee
With a 99.7% Success Rate for SkillSelect Applications
We Take the Stress and Guesswork Out of the Application Process.
Are you planning to apply for a SkillSelect visa? <br>

Are you planning to apply for a SkillSelect visa?

Before you submit your Expression of Interest:

Is your points test score accurate? (over 50% of applicants inadvertently inflate their score)

Have you chosen the correct occupation to apply under?

Do you meet the Skills Assessment criteria?

If any of the information in your Expression of Interest is inaccurate, your visa will probably be refused, and you could be banned from reapplying for 3 years.

Don’t risk making a mistake, work with the SkillSelect visa experts.


Book a consulation

Meet with a migration expert face to face in our Melbourne or Sydney offices, over Skype, or over the phone.

Find the Right SkillSelect Visa

We’ll assess your eligibility and recommend the best visa pathway for your situation.

Prepare and Lodge your Expression of Interest (EOI)

We’ll make sure you lodge an accurate Expression of Interest (EOI)

Lodge Your Visa Application

We help you submit a ‘decision ready’ application and liaise with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf.

Your Visa is Granted

Or we refund our professional fees as part of our No Visa, No Fee Guarantee.
Work with AHWC Immigration Law to Give Yourself the Best Possible Chance of Visa Success

Work with AHWC Immigration Law to Give Yourself the Best Possible Chance of Visa Success

As migration experts who have helped thousands of tradies and skilled professionals secure their SkillSelect visa, we know exactly how the process works and what is required for a SkillSelect candidate to be successful.

What we do:

  • We’ll assess your situation to ensure a SkillSelect visa is the right option for you
  • We’ll review your state nomination options and determine the best SkillSelect visa option for you
  • We’ll help you maximise your points score to secure the earliest possible invitation to apply for a SkillSelect visa
  • We’ll submit your Expression of Interest and ensure your SkillSelect points test score is accurate, so you avoid making false claims which could result in a 3-year ban.
  • If applicable, we’ll also prepare and submit your state or territory nomination application
  • When you’re invited, we’ll lodge your visa application and ensure it’s ‘decision ready’ to give you the best possible chance of success

What clients say about our service...

I’ve been dealing with a number of Migrant Agencies/Agents for the part 10 years for all sorts of visas and I am yet to see someone more available and present than Alice, she was outstanding in dealing with my case. Super professional, knowledgeable ...

Vinicius Toffoli
It was an absolute pleasure and good experience, Patrick has been doing an amazing job and also been super patient with my requests. I would highly recommend the business for any types of visa. Thanks again guys !!!!!

Mickael Voisin
Excellent service and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for assistance with their visa

Megan Chalmers
client image